Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunday in Rust

What could be more glorious than a sunny warm October Sunday in Burgenland? Sitting on a bench in the sun, looking out over Neusiedlersee.
 Looing at the boats,
 looking at the reeds and out over the water,
look closely - a bird!
 A swan, looking for food,
 no food?
 You want to take pictures without food?
Not with me! Goodby!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sunday in a Fairy Tale

Do you like fairy tales? Want to join me in visiting one? Then come on. See the castle in the distance?
To reach it, we have to take the ferry.
Let's check the lock. Do we need a key?
Oh, the door was open and we could just enter the courtyard.
 The black knight is keeping watch, ever ready to raise the alarm should enemies appear through the woods.
Laughing boars are assisting him, ready to spit hot oil at any attackers.
 This tower would offer us a good view over the surrounding country side,
but we better check the time and the weather. I think it is time to leave.
 Let's take this bridge which has suddenly appeared. Where did the ferry go?
 Walking on through the woods we reach the arena.
I'm still hearing echos of swordfights and thundering horses hoofs.
walking on, we see a temple in the distance, shimmering, vanishing before our eyes...
I'm afraid, we have to return to reality, so take a deep breath, tuck the memory of a magical walk through the fairy tale safely away to enjoy during the coming cold and dark winter days.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fotomarathon 2014

The sun was shining and rising temperatures were fortold, so I had no excuse not to participate in this years Photomarathon, though I was playing with the thought of not participating.
I ended up giving myself a pep-talk and left just in time to collect my memory card, starterpack, check the settings of my camera and take a photo of my starting number, before this years themes were anounced.
Morgen in Wien / morning in Vienna -(hm - two years ago it was Saturday morning in Vienna...) predicting tons of coffee photos, I took advantage of an empty street.
Nachdenklich / pensive
am Spielplatz / on the playground - Safety first
Es wird gebaut / construction under way
Fotografie ist Abenteuer / photography is an adventure
Im Burggarten / in Burggarten (Before giving out the themes the organisers explained very clearly where in Vienna Burggarten is......)
Der Golf. Das Auto. / Golf - the car (Porsche sponsors a price...)
Herbstliches Wien /autumnal Vienna
In der Mitte  / in the middle
 Mehr Menschlichkeit für Tiere / more humanity for animals (price sponsored by Vier Pfoten)
Zusammen/gemeinsam / Together (I asked if I could use this photo and they were nice enough to agree)
ICH BIN das ultimative Selfie / I am - the ultimative selfie (I HATE Selfies!)
Eingezäunt / fenced in (hm - two years ago it was Behind a fence)
Gelb / Yellow
Kunst / Art
Wunder der Technik / miracle of mechanics
Wenn ich könnte, wie ich wollte... /If I could as I want...
Abdruck / Impression
Kontakt / Contact
Stein/steinig / stone/stony
oben/unten / above/underneath (boy, I REALLY struggled with this one and this is the one photo I am absolutely disgusted with. But at that time I was so exhausted and hardly able to walk, I just wanted the whole thing to be OVER).
So geht's auch  / That also works
vergessen / forgotten
fertig /done
And yes, I am done! I am exhausted and as the last two times I did this - I do not think, I will do this again (or maybe I will?)

Weekend in... Bad Ischl

 A long planned trip to Bad Ischl should not be canceled by bad weather and to be honest, there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes. So even rain and wind could not stop my painting group from stopping in Gmunden to paint Schloss Orth.
So much enthusiasm was rewarded with sunshine and high temperatures, once we arrived in Bad Ischl. The obligatory stop at Zauner had to be worked off by a walk through this idylic town.
Historic buildings, reminders of a long gone time.
 So much love for details can be discovered in buildings.
 After another rainy day we again got a very sunny afternoon up on Rettenbach Alm. Though on the mountains the first snow could be seen.
 Sun and clouds changed quickly,
and the sunset painted the Loser pink.
With the sun gone it turned cold and the fog hid the valley.
Autumn in the mountains - a time for quiet and rest.