Sunday, August 9, 2015

Gardengallery in the park of Schloss Gloggnitz

Every summer my water color painting professor organises a show for his pupils in the park of Schloss Gloggnitz, where he has his studio.
The churchtower is an imposing view from the garden. The voluntary fireguard fixes ropes between the trees and everyone finds a place to hang pictures.
 While today was very hot (for our summer) there still were quite a few visitors walking between our pictures.
For the artist exhibiting it was a chance to catch up with each other, compare schedules - will you join the trip to...., or the trip to.... 
As a special activity there were body painters working on models, who, once finished, also walked around between the pictures as living artworks.

A chance to flee the too hot city for a slightly cooler afternoon in good company and with the chance to see great art.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Saturday Afternoon in Mariazell

Mariazell is a famous pilgrimage destination in Austria. I only vaguely remembered being there once as a kid. As we were already in Lunz am See, we decided to go on to Mariazell and drive home via the south.
The Basilika sits high above the town. It is home of a revered statue of Mother Mary, the Magna Mater Austriae.
Of course that brings with it the usual parafrenalia of  pilgrimage:

Which, if you keep a close focus, still has some historical charm.
 As do some of the lovely renovated older buildings in town, overrun on a sunny afternoon by bikers of every kind (the ones using just their legs and the ones using heavy machinery), groups arriving for specialy read masses and also people out for a lovely afternoon trip as we were.
Icecoffe - the perfect end to a lovely day trip.
After the second weekend excursion I have to admit it is definitely worth it to fight ones inner critic and weaker self and get going. There is so much to discover and enjoy in our lovely country within just a couple of hours driving distance. Already looking forward to next weekends adventure, which will be of a more artistical kind.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Another Weavers Market - Lunz am See

Summer is the time for festivals and open air events. While the weavers market in Haslach took over the whole town, the one in Lunz am See was a more intimate affair, using just the rooms of the historical Amon Haus.
Arriving at the parking space we got a very special welcome by a very cute baby alpaca.
Inside there were artists displaying their works in felting, weaving and spinning and much advice to be had, openly offered for every shy enquiry.

Lunch at the lovely lake was the perfect end to this part of my excursion.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weavers Market in Haslach (Upper Austria)

After a night of bad dreams I woke up extra early on Saturday and decided to play hooky and let housework be housework and treat myself to an excursion to Haslach, where a huge weavers market took place this weekend.
Arriving on the bottom of the village I climbed the stairs uphill towards the exhibition and market area.
Different weaving presentations could be watched and the old manufactury visited.
But to be honest, the most interesting area was the market, which took over all the small places and streets of Haslach:
Clothes, blankets, shawls and hats,

but also other creative uses for woven and felted things:

Most importantly and not to be missed, the mouse teaparty and the cat watching the mice!
Full of impressions, colour, good food, cute mice, cats and geeslings I returned to Vienna in the evening. A long drive, but definitely worth it!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The End

Remember this?
200gr finished!
But then...
..... the heat and life hit me hard..... 
The last day of the race it finally had cooled off a bit, I had been on an adventure (which I will tell you about) the day before, so I settled in for 6 solid hours of spinning and managed to turn this:
into this:
 The difference: 26 gr. - hm, maybe I should not have gone for lace with plans for a 3-ply?

Will I join the Tour de Fleece again? Maybe, but never with such ambitious plans. I managed about half of what I wanted to spin. Hopefully I will managed by the end of summer as I still have a long way to go.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tour de fleece

Today it starts! The most fun "race" on earth! Many years ago Yarn Harlot created a fun event for spinners that took on it's own life once Ravelry joined in.

You might wonder what the "Tour de fleece" is. Well, Spinners all over the world will spin every day the bike race Tour de France is on. So this year, every day from July 4th till July 26th with the exception of the two rest days ( the 13th and the 21st) we spin. Everyone decides for oneself if using a wheel (or more) or a hand spindle or both, maybe the goal is to spin for a certain time every day, to spin a certain amount of wool, a special kind of wool or something else.

There are teams on Ravelry, challenges (for the difficult mountains) and a lot of fun all around. Some teams offer prices, have red lantern spinners and more.

As I am the proud owner of a spinning wheel since the end of March I have decided to join the fun this year.

I am part of the "Team chantimanou" and this is my avatar for the time of the race (I will not just improve my spinning but I also learned somthing new with my photo software).
My goal is to spin 500 gr. of "Mäusespeck" roving I bought soon after I got my spinning wheel but decided I needed more experience to tackle. I fell so in love with the colors and the feel of the fibers that I saved up so I could buy everything my favourit dyer - Regenbogenwolle - offered in her shop. I should have enough to knit a cute cardigan I have on my "to knit" list for ages.

Some spinners have started at midnight, I have decided to wait for the official start this afternoon and all the other days I will spin in the evenings.

I am looking forward to some fun weeks of spinning, chatting in the Ravelry forums and hopefully ending up with the perfect wool for my planned cardigan.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hiking along a mystical path

Today I had a lovely hike in Kirchberg am Wechsel. A felt artists from that area initiated the so called "Filzwanderweg".
Signs like this lead you along a path through the woods, past felt exhibits designed and created both by artists, kindergarden kids, different schools and also the elderly living in Kirchberg.
An owl and different birds welcome you on a path past childrens stories
Signs of hope
and cherry trees full of fruit and vegetables (just in case the cherries don't keep).
Pupils from a school not only felted their school logo
and decorated the tree it is fixed to with 157 felted balls: 1 for every child in the school.
Other banners showed the wool of the different sheep races used in the project:
The artist who initiated the whole project, Isabella Scherabon, presented an installation showing the developement of the use of fiber in clothing.
Monika Tatrai used symbols of her heritage and combined it with a stag head for the local woods.
 Barbara Füreder built a home for insects and is looking forward to discover who will move in.
 Sorry for the fuzzy photos, there was just too little light in the wood to take photos freehand.
At the end of the hike a small but charming market waited for us, offering different felted goods, wool for knitting and some information about sheep and alpaka.
 I have to admit that my attention was captured by this charming but shy guy and especially:
this little cuty!
Do you want to go for a short hike (about 3,5 km) in a lovely area and discover some mystical felt art in the wood? Got to Kirchberg am Wechsel