Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lesson 1

Yesterday I had my first class of the watercolor course I am attending this week. We started out with getting to know the material, "splishing and splashing and generally making a mess" as the instructor told us. We were told how to recognise the different levels of wet, how to recognise when the paper/color is still too wet or too dry. She recomended to get to know one kind of paper first and stay with it for a bit.
Then we did a little exercise with the colors, talked about the color wheel and shadows. The above "ball" was the first real "painting".

Afterwards we turned towards woods. Far away and misty woods, playing with water droplets and make the resulting "flowers" look like snow.

I ended up with a spring wood, fitting for a middle distance. In the end I did manage to get "far away woods" but could not work out how to use the water drops for giving the image of snow. The teacher promised to show us at the beginning of todays class.

In the evening I felt I had earned my "favourite drink" and as I read that that was the EMD challenge of the week, I decided to jump right in and give it a try. Aperol Spritz, a not to sweet, fizzy, cold drink - ideal for a hot summer evening.



  1. Great job with the colors and welcome to EDM posting group ^^(can't say welcome to EDM group because you'll be around for sometime and just haven't posted yet) but you've got some really cool stuff on your blog! :)

  2. Well done - looking forward to seeing more, now you are to be posting regularly!

  3. Your watercolor ventures look fine! Very nice job. Keep posting - I like seeing what you are doing. nancy