Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lesson 2 - Trees

We continued our class with trees as seen in a medium distance and

trees nearest to us, I decided to let one grow into the picture.

I did try a whole tree as well. I could have gone darker with the shadow side and the first limbs are a bit thin. That near to the trunk, I think they could be thicker.

We also started a landscape using all three kinds of trees, but that is not finished yet. I have all three kinds of trees but no idea of how to connect them. I'll probably try some kind of water situation - lake, river?

Today we will try out different effects and got a whole list of things we need for that. Good thing I am on vaccation and could go shoping to my favourite art supply store - what hardship....

Till tomorrow!


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  1. Your trees are lovely - I especially like the near tree growing into the picture. Welcome to EDM too!