Friday, July 24, 2009

Lesson 4 - Winter

Today started out with a lesson on perspective, which got rather involved but was very interresting. Then we were supposed to paint a winter landscape. Mine turned out more like late autumn. As we spent so much time on perspective, there was no more time for "rain in the city".

This must have upset someone as - after the hottest day we had this year - we had also massive rain and hail storms over most of Austria. I spent half the night mopping up rainwater which was pressed in through the closed windows by the storm.

This is the painting from day two, using all three kinds of trees we had learned. I was not too happy with it, as I painted in the lake as an afterthought, not knowing how else to fill the space. I tried to break up the area in the front with salt but it did not really satisfy me. So I added a bush in the right corner and grass at home. I'll show it to our teacher again for more advice on it.

Friday is the last lesson and we will paint flowers.


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