Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lesson 5 - Flowers

The last class was all about flowers, how to arrange a still life, where to put shadows and what not to do. I loved my first try, but had stayed to concrete up to the tips and have to admit that after having washed out the upper part of the gladiolas, the painting looks much better: ("more loosely, loosely" was my teachers "war cry" whenever she looked at one of my paintings).

OK, I can do "loosely" and splish, splash painted two more gladiolas (both go in the same direction, the right one 'leaves the building' - both no no's in a still life). My teacher loved them and after they were dry we decided that I shoud make a mixed media painting out of it and use pencils to work on some of the lower flowers. I used watercolor pencils and did disolve them carefully with a very thin wet brush (which - according to my teacher - turned the whole thing into pure water color and no longer mixed media - I don't care, I love the result).

During the last hour of class I tried painting one of the sunflowers we had. They were turned to the other side of the class and as they were painted from there, I decided to try the back. Getting the area, where the stem turns towards the flowerhead right, is really difficult. The stem turned out too thick. I will probably leave this painting as it is, as a record of what I learned this week.



  1. Beautiful color mix and a very good result on the flowers too! :) I like how natural they look and all

  2. I have really enjoyed hearing about your classes - sounds as if you had a good time. I love the looseness of some of your paintings and look forward to seeing more of them! (I especially like the back of the sunflower - the colours are great.)