Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekend in the Blockheide

Last Saturday was a holiday in Austria and the weather forecast predicted wonderfull summer weather. Friday morning I decided that I just had to leave the city and spend time somewhere else, drawing and painting. I've long wanted to got to the northern parts of Waldviertel, and so I booked a room in Gmünd, an old town at the border to the Tschechien republic, and spent Saturday in Blockheide.

Blockheide is a nature reserve where one can still see the huge blocks of granit, which were left by the erosion of the ground. There used to be just grass, heather and blueberries growing there, but with time trees grew and most of the area is now coverd with woods.
As the climate is rather cold and wet, there is a lot of moss growing on the rocks. Not one of my three greens could give me the right color.

Sunday I drove back towards Vienna, stopping in Stift Altenburg, a barock Monastery with wonderfull gardens and then in the afternoon I went to Rosenburg, a renaissance castle whith wonderfull rosegardens and one can watch falconers at work.

It was a very relaxing weekend and I finally had the chance to do some drawing again. Next weekend I'll go to Bad Waltersdorf in styria and attend a two day workshop in watercolor and travel scetches.


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