Sunday, November 8, 2009

Remembering Summer

I seem to have lost the last couple of months somewhere! This is the first weekend for months with nothing to do but rest and catch up with life. Just looking at all the painting I have done this summer makes me realise, how busy I have been.
At the end of AugustI spent four days in Bad Waltersdorf and attended a watercolor class two mornings. It was supposed to be Watercolor Sketching in travel journals and at the last moment they combined the class with a Watercolor Beginners class. In the end we only were three attendants and a great teacher. It was the first time I experienced what a teacher means when he says: I'll pick everybody up where he/she is at the moment and we will go on from there.

Three attendants - three interests - three completely different lessons. I learned so much in these 8 hours of class. I really worked on stuff I learned in my watercolor class in July and did it again and again, taking our teachers advice and immediately tried to put it into practice.
This kind of one on one teaching opend the door for discussions, to try out stuff to prove a point and to grow. I just love how my rocks turned out. I love how I managed to get the reflections and I love the colors.

Our teacher mostly works with a flat 2,5 inch flat brush and at the end of the course lent it to me, showed me a watercolor painting in a book and said: do your best to copy that:I still can not believe that I painted Venice.

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