Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend with Storks

In September I spent a weekend in Rust, which is a small village in the southeast of Austria. Burgenland, the youngest county of Austria has a variety of landscapes, from wooded hills in the north to the wide flat salty area next to hungary. Rust is nearly at the border to hungary at Neusiedler See, the largest body of water in Austria, which is also a nature reserve for migrating birds. There is a lot of wine grown in Burgenland as the climate is ideal for it.As usual we started out with a warm up, drawing (one of) the church(es) and part of town square.

On Saturday we painted one of the quaint village roads. I chose to work on ingress paper glued to a board, which I had still left from a (very unsuccessfull) stil life course. This was a complete disaster, as the colors just sat on the paper, I had to make a lake of water, put a little bit of color in to get any movement at all. Even our teacher could not save that painting - lesson learned.
We spent the afternoon near the shore, painting the reeds, some of us painted the storks, which Rust is famous for. They return every year and are a big tourist attraction.
I picked out some reeds to try getting the movement from the wind. I did this a number of times, this one was the most successfull. We had to flee rather suddenly, as once the sun got low very very tiny flys tried to eat us up. My legs itched for two weeks.

Frustrated by a rather unsucessfull painting weekend I returned to my sketchbook style of drawing, only this time added watercolor. This time I even drew the storks :-).


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