Sunday, February 14, 2010

Carneval in Venice

The first class with Albert Hoffman in 2010 brought us to Venice as it is time for the yearly carneval. While I did not paint much during the last couple of months due to my broken arm, I did a lot of drawing and it really payed off. The mask is my first painting of this class (and I think my best).
The second painting of the day was inspired by a painting of Caravaggio which has just been aquired by Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna. When we had the newspaper which had published this information in front of us after lunch, it turned out that the cupola is actually on the other side of the campanile.
With the actual photo in front of us we worked with this motive again, but this time on ingress paper with indian ink, charcoal, sepia colored chalk and watercolor. My bridge turned out much too high, it is as high as the buildings.....
The last painting of the day was of an old wall. I was too tired at that time, but it was fun to splash color and indian ink all over the paper. It was a great class and I look forward to next months, and the one after that, and.....

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