Saturday, March 27, 2010


During my virtual trip I discovered that the journals I usually use on trips for drawing are no use if I want to paint with watercolor. The paper it just too thin to cope with all the water. I ended up folding a large piece of watercolor paper into a folded journal. While that was a lot better for painting, I still missed having a book to look through and started to look for instructions on book binding.

I remembered a series of instructural videos I discoverd while taking Cathy Johnsons Yournal class and looked at them again. After some shoping and looking at stuff I had safed in my "don't know what to do with it but I do not want to throw it out" box, I ended up with - what I think - is a wonderfull first try on bookbinding:I'll test this on my next virtual trip and have already bought more material for a new book I want to use on an upcoming trip.

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