Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New York Beauty

For a change I spent the last weekends sewing and not painting. Years ago I promised a friend a wall quilt as a house warming gift. Another friend asked to work with me, which did not turn out too well to put it mildly. The project was shelved for years and finally thrown out.

Some years ago I saw a NYB Quilt in Birmingham and instantly knew that that was the ideal pattern. I got the additional software for EQ 5 and started.

In the meantime my friend moved, I turned to painting, time went by,......

This year I decided to finish started projects, to be more concious of things that weigh me down - as did this promised quilt. Now that my arm has healed and the muscles start to relax again, I decided to stay with this quilt until it is finished. Two weekends and some early morning hours and I am done and on Saturday it will finally be given to my friend. I am relieved, happy, giggly and proud of how this quilt turned out.

And now: back to my virtual trip to the beach, postcards to come in the next days.


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