Tuesday, June 1, 2010


About 10 days ago we had a long weekend here in Austria, which I spent with Albert Hoffmann in Wachau painting.
Wouldn't you know, it rained! Right now it seems as if it has been raining for weeks and weeks. But as you can see above - Petrus knows what he is doing. I love the result of this rainshower and will leave the painting as it is. He proved to me what Albert always says: Use more water and less pigment.

We had the chance to seek shelter at a "Heurigen" which an open but covered terrace and continued painting and drawing vinyards with Stift G├Âttweig in the distance. After I finished my drawing, Albert went over it, adding the vines in front and color: "Don't draw so contained, let go!"

On the last day we spent our time painting at the ferry to Weissenkirchen. I enjoy this mixture of drawing and painting.

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