Saturday, June 12, 2010


A the beginning of June I joined my friends from Graz for a long weekend in Rovinj, Croatia, hoping to escape the seemingly endless rain we had over the month of May. Thursday afternoon started out with some drawing exercises and again Petrus helped with a - thankfully short - rainshower and supplied just enough rain to help dissolve the watercolor pencil and add some accent color.
I decided to do another quick sketch in indian ink and added some watercolor and pastel.
On Friday we went down to the harbour and painted the view of the old town. As my first try with watercolor ended up horribly, I dediced to stick with my bamboo pen and indian ink.
This boat caught my eye and it made a nice change to church and houses.
Saturday we spent in Grisia, a steep way up to the church with many galeries and wonderfull little shops. We tried to get there early, to not be in the way too much.
This blue door reminded me more of greece than of croatia, but I just had to try to capture it. Watercolor and pastells helped capture the depth of the corner.
We left Grisia as we were in the way of the shops and people walking up to the church too much and as the weather had turned really hot by then, looked for a shady spot at the side of the church. I was absolutely fascinated by the trees growing up there and tried my hand at an ink drawing of one of them.
Fleeing into the shade I did a quick sketch of a tree and some flowers at the side of the church.
Walking down from the church again we discovered a small lane leading through a doorway up the hill again and decided on one last drawing for the day.
Sunday morning gave us time for one more painting as we had decided to leave after lunch, to not get caught in traffic back home, as many other people took advantage of the long weekend too. I got offered a canvas as everybody tries to talk me into changing to work with acrylic. While the first drawing turned out quite good, working with the painting the way I usually do when working on paper turned into a big fiasco. I went over it with some indian ink and added color for contrast. I like it as a drawing, but working on canvas is not for me.

I had a lot of fun while drawing with an elderly lady sharing the bench I was sitting on. She could not walk very well, so she did not join her group sight seeing, but waited for them. She was absolutely devastated that I "destroyed" this beautyfull drawing and told me in no uncertain terms, "that it was much better before!".


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