Thursday, July 29, 2010


Some weeks ago I spent a weekend along the danube near Vienna. We started in Albern, the Vienna harbor of the danube and tried to paint the industrial area there. For me it is not necessarily the best motive for watercolor.So I tried to capture the same scene with indian ink, which lends itself better to this kind of image.
After lunch we decided to remain in the garden of the restaurant where we had our lunchbreak. "This looks like a watercolor" - high praise indeed from Albert, my teacher.
Loving the loose style of inkdrawings, I had to try the same scene with ink, watercolor and pastels.
The next day we met at Orth and painted a mill which is mounted on a ship.

Again I had to try the image in ink and watercolor. Albert was not too fond of it and promised to show me how to draw better trees.
The watercolor of the side arms of the danube did not turn out quite how I wanted. Basically I "painted it to death". Too much, not enough - if I only would learn when to stop!
Albert then showed me, how to capture trees in ink: His part is on the right, mine is on the left.
We cut the afternoon short as the mosquitos started to eat us alive - no matter how much we sprayed repellants.

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