Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do you remember...

this?it turned into this:While I am not sure I will harvest beets, at least they grew. Actually a lot of stuff grew and I even harvested some corn, cherry tomatoes, stringbeans, zucchini and a cucumbers, I had at least a handfull of fava beans and another of peas, my inexperience in gardening, the weather and problems with watering the fields made my gardening experience less than I hoped for.
Still, it was fun, and if even a third of the seeds I put into the ground would have grown, the whole field would have been overgrown. On the other hand - I had to put so many seeds in to get even a little bit to grow - not fun!
Only two sweetpeas (from more than 20 seeds) grew, and other flowers did not come at all.
The tomatillos (in the beginning I confused them with surgarroots) grow and flower, but only one or two of those capsules are filled.
If the rain stops and the sun comes back I will have a lot of tomatoes!
This one grew bigger than I thought it would before I could cut it, I look forward to eating it.
Another 6 weeks before we have to clear off our fields and the farmer prepares the ground for his own use again.
Will I do this again next year? Probably not.

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