Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grado 4

On wednesday we woke to a wet and windy day but being the eternal optimists we set of to the island of Barbana, which is home to a church dedicated to Mary. The ferry was filled to overflowing and too late we realized that not just because of the threatening rain this might not have been such a good idea but because it was Mary's birthday and Italians celebrate this holiday by going to church.

On our arrival at the island we just had about 10 minutes time to try to capture the impression of the threatening rain and then we had to run!
On our return to the mainland we decided to give "Belvedere" an enseble of a chapell and old farm buildings a try, where we had the possibility to get under cover should the rain start again, but the rain was done with us for the day and so we could paint undisturbed.
As I tend to, I painted an "L" and did not notice until itwas pointed out to me....
I did not leave any white on the head wall of the chapell, I cut off the roof and the corners of the building and did not let it go over it as it really does,... too much wrong with this one...

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