Sunday, October 3, 2010


At the beginning of September I had the chance to join Albert Hofmann for a week in Grado. We were only a small group and the atmosphere was very relaxed, as was I. For me it also meant a step forward in painting, which even I realized and not only the others commented on. Maybe being able to admit to myself that I had learned something and my paintings were so much better than the ones I did one year ago in the Waldviertel was the success of this week. We spent the first morning at the lagune of Grado, painting fisherboats. I started out with a watercolor and then decided to change to a more graphic style, something I really enjoy lately.

After lunch we returned to the old part of Grado and did a quick sketch with coal and pastell. I did not bring any fixative (as did none of the others) and so a lot rubbed off. Still, I think it shows some of the spontaneity of the moment.
Trying to capture the image in watercolor on ingres paper did not turn out as I wanted, so I turned it into a more graphic work with indian ink. Albert added the lantern and his stamp of approval.
While I realize that I have quite a way to go, I am finally more confident. I know that there will be paintings that will not work and hours of frustration to come, but now I have also experienced success. Success I saw and felt and not only was told so by others. Why can I not accept and believe it, when others say positive things about my work?

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