Friday, December 31, 2010

Sketchbook 2010 - Grado

Grado with Albert, and I managed to bring a lot of the freedome I gained in Rovijn into the work I did in Italy. This of course left less time to work in my sketchbook but I still managed to capture some images.
Aquilea, baptism chapel - I wish I could have spent more time there.
"Katharina!" In our minds we could hear the shouts of the drunk suitors who called the woman living on that little island in the laguna of Grado. As we were told the story she gave in after half an hour and picked them up by boat and brought them to her island. (the little hut to the left - the outhouse).

This year I also started to collect flowers and stick them into my sketchbook, another detail adding to the memories! Looking back over this year I painted and drew a lot, most of it brought about by my frustration at the beginning of 2010, because I broke my right arm and could not do anything for weeks. I hope next year will start better, I have a number of classes lined up to gain more freedom in my painting and drawing and hopefully find my unique voice in my artistically expression. Wishing you all a wonderfull Year 2011!

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