Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sketchbook 2010 - Rovijn

Oh Rovijn! While I struggled tremendously with my paintings in Tuscany, Rovijn and my friend and teachers relaxed attituded gave me the freedom to take the step to the next level, which Albert, my professor, had predicted when I wanted to give up just a couple of months before.
This not only showed in my graphic work of that weekend (I gave up on watercolor after the first botched painting) but also in the loose and finally colorfull work in my sketchbook.
I not only produced numbers of big drawings but also filled page after page in my sketchbook.
New techniques, new drawing implements and - finally watercolor in my sketches.
While the composition still needs work, I still love the way I "just drew it" and can feel the sun burning on my back, my fingers sticky from the icecream two of the acompanying husbands brought for us all, I can hear the laughter and remember the jokes and all the stress from the weeks before christmas beginns to dissolve. For me that is so much more than just looking through the photos I also took (and always will).

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