Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year everybody! What better way than to leave the old year behind than riding a merry go round in Paris!
Even though the weather was not the best, who cares, if there is kir royal to drink and a lunch cruise on the Seine to be enjoyed.
And then crown the whole experience with three days of creativity, inspired by Pam Carriker, Lisa Bebi and Renee Richards.
When I read on Pam's blog last July that this art retreat was planned for the last three days of the year 2010, I did not hesitate a moment, but signed on immediately, booked a flight and a hotel room. Though - to be honest - Paris is not really my favourite holiday destination, I just had to be part of that experience.
Painting, printing, metal work, drawing portraits, HOW to glue :-) and more,... chattering, laughing, eating wonderfull lunches prepared by Renee, drinking coffee and wine, those three days were filled to the brim with sharing.

To a wonderfully creative year 2011!

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  1. Cool pics and it was so much fun!!! Maybe you can come next year when they have it in America? It should be a nice destination!!!