Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge

I admire all the wonderfull sketchbook pages I find when reading blogs and have bought a number of books about keeping sketchbooks, artists sketchbooks, journaling, etc.. While I love to keep a travel sketchbook, I have only done a small number of journal pages never thinking I have anything worth expressing. Reading about The Sketchbook Challenge, I immediately wanted to join in this great project.

Then the first prompt "highly valued" was published and I froze and did nothing. The whole week while working I was thinking about what I highly value. My family of course, being healthy and having a home, a job. Driving home from the office on Friday I suddenly knew what for me at the moment and for the last two years is something I really value very highly: my car!
I got my drivers licence with 18 but never had the opportunity to drive or even thought about buying a car. I alway thought: I can not do that, it's been to long, I'll never learn again! Two years ago, the year I turned 48 I finally decided that so many people drive - why should I be the one who can not master driving a car. Within a week I had signed the contract for a new car (all or nothing!), was told I would get the car within two weeks and went straight from the dealership to the next driving school to sign up for lessons expecting everybody to look at me strangely and making jokes about this old woman thinking she could learn how to drive.

I don't think I ever met with so much approval, encouragement and positiv statements from everybody who know what I was doing as during those first few weeks of taking lessons and then getting aquainted with my own car.

One statement I will never forget: You did not just buy a car - you bought freedom. A freedom I value very highly.

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