Thursday, June 16, 2011

Croatia - Day 2

As the busdriver who drove us to Croatia and all the destinations there had to have a 24 hrs. period during the week without driving and the bora was still blowing hard we decided to stay in Drage, so whoever had enough of the wind could go inside. We stayed at a lovely new hotel, and in rooms offered by the hotelowners parents and sister. A true family cooperation. As other guests were only arriving during the last few days of our stay (sailing season starts middle of May) we had the whole place to ourselves.

In the morning I went with the others to the small harbour where we fought the wind painting two fishingboats to the amusement of their owners. I am quite satisfied with the result.

After lunch I had enough of the wind and stayed inside where we turned the restaurant into a studio. With Albert's help I continued working on my pen and ink skills.
Again, a marvelous sunset.

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