Tuesday, June 14, 2011


At the beginning of May I spent a week in Drage, Croatia, with my teacher Albert Hofmann. To warm up we went to the little village of Tribunje, where we spent Sunday morning at the harbour, trying to capture the quaint little stone bridge and the old buildings on the other side. I was quite satisfied with the main outline, but could not manage defining the center, so Albert helped.
As there was still some time left, I turned to ink and pen and tried my hand at a new technique, which Albert had shown to me only a few weeks before.

The afternoon we spent at a little place at the shores of lake varna, a farm which sold their own lamb meat, different cheeses and wine. First we had the most wonderfull lunch:
and then were turned loose to find our own motives, which was really easy!

The ruggedness and "back to nature" character of the whole place just lent itself for my prefered mixed media: Ink, Watercolor and Crayon. An old fieldkitchen caught my eye as did a waggon full of straw.
Not only the donkeys were running around free, also a lot of chickens and Mirko the king of the whole farm (do not get between him and the chicken he wants!)
Not much of a motive, but a quick study to try to capture the light. Just minutes later there were dramatic changes in light, wind came up and the Bora chased us back into the bus and back home to Drage.
I never saw so many wonderfull sunsets in my life!

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  1. Wow! Looks like some wonderful paintings!!!!! Great work!