Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose

After a day spent walking through the old town center of Zadar working on our skill in making quick sketches and a stormy afternoon trying to find a sheltered place to paint in a little village I no longer remember the name of, we spent the next day in Split.

During that morning in Zadar and that afternoon in that little village I only managed to frustrate myself, trying to produce just something worthwhile and failing again and again. Well, that happens - write it off and start fresh the next day!

Split: The watercolor painting I started with just exists as an example of what not to do, but I quite like the next two pieces I produced.

Having gotten rid of my frustration I could finally concentrate again and try to find my center.
On our way back to Drage we stopped at Trogir, which has a lovely old town center. As all the streets are very narrow, it is not possible to paint there with a group, but we all had an hour to walk around, take photos or quick sketches as memory.
No sunset photo from these two days, just a photo of a little dog, which expresses perfectly, how I felt:

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