Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden revisited

After last years experiment in renting a field to grow my own vegetables brought such dismal results I decided not to do it again. When spring came and all around people talked about planting things and magazines wrote about gardening, I was rather sad that I had decided against the field.
When I discovered packages with salad seeds while looking for something else, I decided to give it a go inside my flat. I filled a window box with dirt, put in the seeds, watered it and - went to Croatia for a week.
On my retourn I had the first sprouts and for some weeks now I carefully pick a handfull of leaves twice or three times a week.
No driving 50 km to get to my field and back, water from the tap, whenever I feel my salad needs it, cooking and remembering I need some salad? Just go into the living room and pick it!
I love this years "field" and maybe I'll experiment further next summer.

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