Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crazy Christmas Tree Skirt

For many years I dreamed of making a christmas tree skirt, whenever I put a white sheet underneath my christmastree after decorating it. Two or three years ago I finally started to piece a crazy christmas tree skirt, which I finally fished last year.
This June I had to stay at home for two weeks after having my gall bladder removed and as I was not able to do too mich I decided to finally start the embroidery part on my christmas tree skirt.
As I only used white / cream / light brown / gold fabrics, I decided to stay in this color range for the embroidery (of course only AFTER finishing a seam treatment with purple.... - it will stay in!).
I get all my inspiration from Sharon of Pin Tangle , she offers such rich inspiration and detailed explanations, a truely wonderfull resource. I have just started my second online class with her (sumptious surface embroidery) and love every minute of it.

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