Saturday, October 15, 2011

33. World Sketchcrawl

Our meeting place for the 33. world sketchcrawl was Karlsplatz, in front of the main building of the technical University. From there it is just a few steps over to Karlskirche, one of the most important churches in Vienna.Having managed to get the whole building onto a page for once, I decided to pay more attention to some of the details and did some quick sketches of parts of the church.

I like the angels to the left and right of the main entrance. While they are huge, when you draw them just with their surroundings, suddenly everything else is so much larger than they are.

Part of the cupola - trying to be exact, I managed to add en extra level between the window and the actual cupola.....
The view from Karlsplatz across the artificial lake towards Karlsgasse.

I then turned to the right and did a quick sketch of part of the university building:
While we were drawing (we started at 10.00 and I left around 14:30) a musician was playing a medely of about 5 or 6 songs, repeating them over and over. First I thought that it would be anoying, but I kind of got lost in drawing and the music, it really got me into a sort of meditative state.

While the sun was shining all the time it still was very cold and after more than 4 hours sitting still even the hot tea I had brought along did not help any more. So I left the others drawing an went home to warm up. How I wish it were spring again!

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