Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The first week of September I spent in Grado, painting familiar motives and also new ones.

As the weather was a lot better this year than last, we could paint at the outside of the harbor with a view into the lagune, where the skeletons of old boats offered a great motive.

After lunch we drove to a place at the laguna where we painted last year. It was fun as it was Sunday afternoon and the all three families who fish from that cove had lunch in their gardens with the whole family. We were warmly welcomed and everybody went on with their business, which for us was painting and for the Italians was eating, drinking, talking and singing! We were serenaded the whole afternoon :-) .

Painting in the old part of the town.A morning in Aquilea and the afternoon:
laguna again, this time at Katharina's place. We used artistic freedom, as the house can no longer be seen, it is completely overgrown in the meantime.

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