Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby Quilt

Yeah! After all the holliday feasting and visiting was over I spent two days reading and doing absolutely nothing. Then I spent some time shoping, doing household chores, attending a Pre-New-Years dance at my mum's place and yesterday we went to the museum of art history to see an exhibition of winter themed paintings that will just run one week more.

Today belongs to me and my sewing machine! It took me just a couple of minutes to finish the top for the baby quilt I am working on and now I will try to catch up on the Orca Bay mistery quilt. As I will have guests on Jan. 2nd, I will have to clear out all my sewing and knitting and drawing stuff from the living room and clean it. That will have to start right after the New Years Concert on Sunday, so I'd better get sewing...

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