Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

These last few days and weeks before Christmas have been rather full, hectic, stressfull and not at all "a peacefull quiet time" as it should be. All I could do was keep breathing and put one foot in front of the other, just walking on.
In the middle of all that I took time out (and if it was instead of sleep) to make my own christmas cards. I am certain I saw something like my tree somewhere on the internet, but my brain being what it is, I have no idea where - so wherever I got that from - thank you! Some hours of enjoying myself with fabric was sorely needed.
Then a message reached me that a very dear ex colleague of mine has become a daddy for the first time. That calls for a baby quilt no matter how hectic life is. This time I know where I got the idea from - where else but Bonnie! I am nearly finished now but had to stop working on it on Tuesday evening, as there just was too much else going on.
Still - on Friday evening, the day before Christmas (we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve in the evening) , finally home from the office, the tree at least bought, the flat looking as if a bomb had gone off, everything I had brought with me just droped in the hall, the living room full of sewing and knitting I just had to make one more present, a notebook for my sister. Smiling and singing, covered in glue, who needs sleep, I worked along until after midnight. It is Christmas and everything else can wait!
Yesterday was a "relaxed" day of a last bit of shopping, sort of cleaning up the living room, decorating the tree, wrapping gifts (putting them into fabric bags I have sown years ago and reuse every year) and getting myself organised for going to my sister's.
While we spent a lovely and funny evening there, for others it obviously was not as peaceful as wittnessed by the smashed bottle of wine and roasted chicken or duck lying in the street just a few houses before I reached my sister's.....
Today the whole family will meet at my brother's place for lunch and then I will have two whole weeks of to relax, take more photos, blog, finish a baby quilt, continue working on my Orca quilt, repair my cabinet which yesterday decided that my wc paintings had gotten to heavy an spilt them out on the floor, find a place for my new mini oven which is not so mini anymore and does not fit where the old one was,....... I will definitely not be bored.
Merry Christmas everybody!

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