Saturday, December 31, 2011

Orca Bay Part 4 + 5

After finishing the top for the Baby Quilt, I finished string piecing the next part for the Orca Bay mystery quilt. I had put the papersquares aside while piecing the Baby Quilt, only using them as leader / ender project. Now I had a number of started blocks and a LOT of empty paper.... Ending up with a lot of short fabric strips I even had to cut new strips. (daylight photography results in so much better colors..)I put them aside after cutting them to size and continued on with adding wings to the half square triangles. Again I needed to cut more strips as my "bottomless pit" did not contain enough different blacks. The fun part with the blacks and neutrals is that I finally cut into my collection of baseball swap squares, which I have been hoarding for years now!

Again I put them aside after finishing and cut out the black / neutral / red squares needed for the next step. I layed out one of each blocks needed and decided that I would need more brain than I had left this evening and retired on the couch to remove paper and dog ears while watching stuff I had recorded over the last weeks (though I ended up deleting a lot - is it just me, or is TV getting worse every year?)

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