Friday, January 20, 2012

51 Photos - Details

This weeks theme - details - immediately made me think about makro photography. Getting close up and personal with a motive, picking out a little piece of the whole. Thinking about which motive to choose left me feeling unsatisfied. I knew time was running out as I originally planned to attend an oil painting class this weekend which would not leave me any free time. To my great disappointment it has been canceled in the meantime :-(.

Then I remembered a class I took years ago - and thus my first joker is put on the table - and a photo I took there which at that time I have even shown on my blog:At the time (Nov. 09) Albertina, a famous museum of graphic art, had an exhibition about Impressionists and how light got onto the canvas. One of the exercises we did was taking pictures with one hole cameras: black cardboard boxes with a tiny hole in one side. We went outside, chose a motive (in my case I put the box on the ground, pointing it up into a tree) removed the cover over the pin sized hole, allowing light to reach the photo paper we had put into the box in the darkroom, cover the hole again and then developed the photo. Quite a difference to how we take photos in the 21st century!

But just click on the photo and look at the details I still managed to capture - you can even see the buds for next years foliage.

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