Friday, January 13, 2012

Online again!

After weeks of fighting with a very slow internet connection and a couple of days with hardly any signal at all, a technician of my provider hopefully found the problem and I am online again. When cleaning and sorting my painting and drawing stuff before New Year, I discovered some paintings and drawings, I have not shown yet.

During the last watercolor class I took last year we painted Vienna's State Opera. Years ago I attended EVERY ballet performance, was more at home there than at home. At that time my love of photography started and I even developed the bw photos I took there myself. 25 years later it was difficult for me to paint a building from memory, I spent so much time in, still visit for opera and ballet performances and pass by very often.
Painting a row of wine cellars was much easier, as I just painted from phantasy and was not caught up in trying to capture a likeness.
Perspective - ouch, I really missed it with those boats :-)So what happens, when I am frustrated with watercolor - back to drawing of course. Unfinished but I still like it.

In November I spent a weekend in Graz at a life drawing class. I still have not taken all sketches out of my map, so just two sketches, maybe I'll show more later.
This one I am thinking of having framed, though she is much too big in the shoulder area and I should (that is something I might correct) have lenghtend the darkness underneath her foot a bit, to give more balance.

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