Saturday, February 4, 2012

51 Photos - Sounds

I thought I was to late for the link up, but Karin opened it up for me. It is always fun to see, how others interpret the theme. The picture above might serve as a reason for my lateness. Vienna is caught in freezing temperatures coming to us straight form Sibiria and the sounds of my life are not easily caught in photos. My windows are frozen, and so it seems is my creativity.
For the last few months and at least the rest of this year, the sounds of my life are mostly connected to the building site across the street. Either machines get delivered or picked up during the night, or work proceeds all the day and sometimes even into the late evening or on Satureday mornings. Even during the night, when I look out the window at the resting machines, the pumps are running to deal with the groundwater. It's a good thing I have to keep the windows closed right now to get respite from the sounds of a building site.

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  1. Oh Mann, das sind ja wirklich unangenehme Geräusche. Aber tolle Idee zum Thema. ;)