Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do I really need a new project?

Sometimes my mind reminds me of a young puppy - running and jumping after every new idea. Surfing quiltblogs affords me ample opportunity for that. Some days ago my attention was caught by a sew along project for the blocks of The Farmers Wife Sampler: 3 6inch blocks every first and third Wednesday of the month - sounds doable, doesn't it? It's only the second round after all, so I should be able to catch up:While thinking about what fabrics to use I stumbled over my unfinished Dear Jane quilt and the yards of fabric I bought for it. Started 2006 I finished all the center blocks and the top, "only" the triangles and corner blocks remain to be sewn. I remember the pleasure of hand piecing, and the doubts I had about the colors chosen for the triangles. Laying out the top and looking at the fabrics confirms my doubts but also lets me see a very simple (and as I hope right) solution.

So having finished those lovely six blocks I turn my attention back to the older project, plan a lovely weekend of fiddling with freezer paper, remembering how important correct numbering, marking directions and crossing points is, and above all loose myself in the relaxation of taking tiny stitches and see something grow from the tiniest of scraps into a bigger part of a large quilt; but this one will only be shown once it is finished. Sometimes starting a new project is all that is needed to give life to an old one.

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