Saturday, February 11, 2012

Drawing again

At the end of January my teacher started giving classes again and not only I have been waiting for that. 13 pupils in a grafic class - in the three years I study with him that was a first! We started to warm up with charcoal sketches of a motive we all know by heart: Kärntner Straße and St. Stephans Cathedral in the back (which we all drew the wrong way round...). Not having drawn for some time our sketches turned out rather heavy handed so we immediatly went to work again, trying to pay attention to light and shadow and defining the center.And then again with the same motive but switching to indian ink - working in series and getting to know ones motive (even if we all drew it wrong...)
After lunch we had to visit Venice again :-). Again starting out with charcoal and then turning to indian ink.
Changing the viewpoint and capturing the gondolas in front. St. Giorgio in the back should be much smaller, but I am certain that I will have many opportunities to virtually return to Venice and capture that image again.

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