Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pen, Pencil, Paper - Draw!

 I discovered a new blog today. When looking through the quilt blogs I follow, I discovered that Terry Grant has started a new blog called: Pen, Pencil, Paper - Draw! This immediately caught my interest and I caught myself nodding emphatically when reading Terry's first post. Yes, drawing is a technique learned by doing it and doing it every day (every day matters :-) ) even for a short time, helps a lot.
Tonight I will pick one of my shoes to draw. I usually draw my foot when waiting and not feeling comfortable trying to draw another person. The above sketch was made in May 2007 while waiting at the doctors - kind of an endless sketch of  a sketch of my foot in my sketchbook ...
This one I did with ink and waterbrush during a lunchbreak in our cafeteria, I think it is from some time last year. (Note to myself: put a date on your sketches!)

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  1. Yes! I think you are the first person to post the link and graphic to the drawing blog. I'm so glad to have you following along. I love your foot/shoe drawings.