Monday, May 28, 2012


Some weeks ago I had the chance to got to Piran, Slovenia, with a painting group from Styria. As I had forgotten my passport, which I luckily discovered just 1,5 hrs. into a 5,5 hr. drive, I arrived when everybody else had been working for some time already. To "arrive" and get my brain into art mode I started out with a pen sketch, which I worked on with my waterbrush to add some shading.
 To get out of my tiny sketching in my travel skechtbook I turned to watercolor pencils.
When shoping for supplies I had to get some indian ink in differnt colors - fun!
 Another building on Tartini place caught my eyes, again indian ink but this time combined with watercolor.

 A final wc pencil sketch in my sketchbook was the end of a short but intensive afternoon.

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