Saturday, July 21, 2012

My new baby!

Oh, how I have waited for this day!!

I have dreamed about a new sewing machine for ages but always deciding against spending so much money. The last few months I waged a war with myself: do I really need a new machine? Would I actually quilt more, if I had a machine which could handle FMQ better than my 25 year old husqvarna? Are my problems just not practising enough?

Then my vacation plans fell through and I was looking at three weeks at home and a little bit of money in my savings account.... well, after today, the savings account is empty again, but three weeks at home got a lot more interesting:
 After a couple of weeks research on the internet and reading yahoo groups for different sewing machines I was considering, I decided on the Janome Horizon 7700.
 While I asked my sewing machine dealer if she could have another machine as well prepared for me to test drive, the large space, the extra lights, the big table and smooth, quiet running convinced me absolutely.
So many stitches to try, so much to learn. A huge instruction book, a DVD to watch - who cares that it's a cold and rainy weekend? Definitely not me!

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  1. Oh schaut die schön aus! Das werden sicher drei spannende Urlaubswochen!