Friday, October 26, 2012


Another chance to take a watercolor painting class I took at literally the last moment. First we painted Heldenplatz in Vienna, though for me the rider in front not only looks in the wrong direction but also looks a lot more like Don Quichote than Prinz Eugen!
Painting something I have not yet seen is always difficult. While I have been in Rome more than 20 years ago, this view is something I could not relate to. Just looking at this painting I see and feel how I have struggled with the motive, not daring to "just paint something" but trying to recreate something I had no way of doing.
The same thing happened with trying to paint Akropolis, thought in this case I just tried to paint part of a temple and greenery. Here I was also fighting the paper, which just eats up the color as long as it is wet and I did not take the time to wait for it to dry.
The same motive in indian ink which turned out a little bit better.

So much to learn still....

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  1. I once took a painting class and I wasn't at all pleased with any of my creations. Had I painted any of these I would be pleased. I think they're wonderful. I really like the indian ink. happy week to you.