Sunday, October 7, 2012


Last weekend I decided to join a large number of photographers at the ninth photomarathon in Vienna. The challenge was to make 24 (25 - the first one is the starting number)  photos in 12 hours fitting given themes in the given order.

While not all of my photos turned out as I wanted them and I was absolutely exhausted in the evening, I loved the experience and am rather proud of my results.
Samstags in Wien / Saturday in Vienna
aus der Reihe tanzen / dancing out of line
süß / sweet
Am Naschmarkt  (I decided to go behind the market)
Jugendstil / Art Nouveau
Kaufrausch / shopping binge (sorry the wordplay does not really translate)
Hinter Gittern / behind bars
Wien - gestern und heute / Vienna - yesterday and today
Ziegel(rot) / brick(red)
Salzburgs Spuren in Wien / Traces of Salzburg in Vienna
Ich bin dann mal weg / I'm gone
Augenblick / Moment
unvergesslich / unforgettable
Verfall/ decay
hölzern (aus Holz) / wooden (made out of wood)
offen / open
vernetzt / networked
Altstadt / historical town
Wind(still) / wind(less)
Brücke / bridge
gemeinsam / together
Strahlen(d) / glowing
im Dunkeln / in the dark
Will I do it again next year? Well, let's say it's a good thing there is a whole year to think about it!

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