Sunday, December 9, 2012

Easy Street Part 3

Running like a hamster in it's wheel it feels like the weekend never will come but the carrot of getting the next part of the mystery helps to keep on running and then it is finally friday, the new part is available for download and I still have to finish the workday and then all the household things that need to be done to be prepared for the next week in the hamsterwheel, for the coming holidays and life in general.

Then Saturday late afternoon I finally treat myself to cutting the needed parts, put a DVD in the player and while listening to one of the TV Series I collect (after watching all the Criminal Minds Seasons it is time for something a little bit lighter so the choice fell on Castle) I get busy with my sewing machine.
Klick here to see, what all the others who joined into the mystery have done last week.


  1. Love your colors. For Orca Bay I stuck to what Bonnie suggested but for Easy Street I'm going a bit different, sure hope it works.

  2. I'm so impressed that you are already done with this step. I've got mine cut out, but this has been a busy weekend, and I won't get to sew until tomorrow.

  3. Looks great, I like Criminal Minds, and Castle..and Happy quilting!

  4. Nice work on your Easy Street. I'm behind. I hope to get a link up but I'm doing gifts quilt stuff. I used to watch ll of the Criminal Zminds but this season has really gone to the dark side. Lots of Gordy stuff and very graphic. I'm skipping it...more time to sew as my TV is in another room. Take care, Happy sewing!

  5. I do the same thing with the DVDs but most of mine are quilt related... FMQ with Patsy Thompson, The QUILT SHOW, and a bunch others. Quilting DVDs keep me on track... regular shows usually sidetrack my concentration... unless I have seen it multiple times before.


  6. Your units are looking fabulous.