Monday, December 24, 2012

Have yourself a merry little Christmas - 51 Photos

Merry Christmas everybody!

This weeks photochallenge is - how could it be othewise - Christmas! I've been a day early this year with decorating the tree and turning on the lights. Since 2001 I've been using electric lights and no longer candels as that year on August 16 the building on the other side of the street burned down. Even if it is not traditional - I'm just too afraid of fire to risk it. As I spend Christmas Eve at my sister's and she HAS to have candles - my nephew decorates the 3 meters high tree and he is conservative as can be in that regard:-) - I don't mind too much and enjoy the lights every day instead of just on Christmas Eve. 

I love to travel and instead of buying tourist souveniers I try to find something for my tree:

 a gift from my sister, the star in the background is a gift from my mum
This bird I found in a shop in Vienna.

Acorn - from our family tree
a gift from my sister from a trip to Eastern Germany (Sachsen)
parrot from a caribbean cruise
orange glass star - a gift from my sister

Wishing a peacefull Christmas time for all of my readers!

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