Sunday, March 31, 2013

Photochallenge - Orange

First I was happy about this weeks theme, I just love orange. And then winter returned (or never left). Even eating icecream hoping this temperature defying act would impress the powers that are did not help (though the icecream parlour had orange chairs and a whole wall of flowers in orange pots...).

Easter sunday - and not one orange egg in sight! I would have braved the weather and dared to put it in the snow for an orange photo, but it was not to be...

What is a girl to do but treat herself to a nice cup of Clunesso... Problem solved:



  1. tolle Idee, das erste Bild gefällt mir am besten

  2. Schließ mich der Meinung von Elfi an :-)

  3. Ich finde es auch eine super Idee - vor allem das Kaffeetrinken (mit George Clooney?). Und wenn wir schon alle unsere Meinung abgeben - mir gefällt das zweite Bild am besten.