Sunday, January 26, 2014


Yesterday the 42nd Worldsketchcrawl took place. A friend and I decided to participate and due to the freezing temperatures chose the Museum of Natural History in Vienna as alternative to our favourite place to sketch - the zoo. While walking through the exhibit we realised that the advantage of motives that kept a pose while we sketched was negated by the rather creepy feeling we could not shake. Next time I think I'll choose life models again.
 Fighting with perspective all the way. I think we will visit this museum again just because of it's magnificent achtitecture and the challenges it poses with all those grand stairways, cupolas and crossing hallways.
 Well, not only perspective of architecture poses a problem, but also the perspective of a circle aka teacup!
It was a fun afternoon and high time to get back into the habit of sketching (and blogging!) again.

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