Sunday, February 9, 2014

Change of pace

While remembering the wonderfull time I had in Florida and the Caribbean is taking a lot of my time, life does go on too and yesterday I finally had the opportunity to take a class with Prof. Albert Hoffmann again. Usually we are only three or four in the class, the last few sessions have been attended by more people. Yesterday there were 18 in class! Watercolor seems to make a comeback.
We started out with a landscape of the northern lower Austria:
to move on to my beloved venice after lunch:
which I also tried as grafic:
Not quite finished, but for now I'll leave it like that.
We moved on to greece and tried our hand at a stairway on the island of Hydra:
Much laughter ensued when we tried to remember the smell of the donkeys and the dirt on the stairs which carry tourists up and down those stairs. While I've never been to Hydra I remember it very well from Santorini.
To finish off the afternoon (and to remember a sweeter smell) we painted flowers:
Can you smell them?

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  1. Great pictures! Can't tell which one I love the most - they are all awsome.