Wednesday, February 5, 2014


 The afternoon of the day in Miami we spent at seaquarium, seeing the different shows with dolphins,
 more dolphins,
 and a whale.
  The seaquarium also rescues turtles which have been hurt by boats and keeps the animals safe after they have healed.
 A shallow pool offeres the posibility to touch stingrays, which I did not attempt as from the pattern of their movements I had the feeling that they were rather stressed.
 In the trees above the turtle enclosure I discovered a hungry iguana.
But not only iguanas looked for food!
Seagulls at the first dolphine show waiting for a fish to be thrown,
 a heron checking out the box of fish athe the other dolphine show,
or another seagull watching while vistitors fed sealions.Looking rather comfy up there!

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