Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday in.... Mostviertel

I spent this weekend in a lovely part of Austria, the Mostviertel. Most is a typical alcoholic drink made either from apples or pears. It is not too high in alcohol and was produced by the farmers and sold all over Austria but also exported to neighbouring countries as far as Hungary and Bulgaria. So those farmers managed to get quite rich for those times.
We visited not ony an information center where we learned a lot about the production of Most but also could taste different kinds of Most and products made from it. We also saw wonderfull churches and an old forgery.
Walking along the river Ois, the upper part of the river Ybbs, we also encountered a number of animals, which obviously had to get used to tourist season again.
Big or small, they either tried to get as far away from us as possible, or they looked at us quite astonished.
Who is observing whom?

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