Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday at... the Zoo

 There are few things I love more than spending time at Schönbrunn Zoo, either sketching or taking photos.
 Today I brought my camera, met my BFF and her daughter and spent hours rediscovering old favourites
and new jungsters.
We got up close and personal with big and  hungry,
 small and sleepy and
 freshly dressed animals.
 Seeing the new polar bear enclosure for the first time was a wonderfull experience. It offers such great opportunities for visitors to see these majestic animals and also
 a chance for the bears to observe their visitors closely.
Producing a bow wave.
 The renovated monkey enclosure offers its residents many opportunities to hide,
but with patience it is possible to capture some nice photos.
 The highpoint at the end of our visit was to see the tigers active, bathing and very observant:
two kids right in front of me obviously seemed like interesting prey and were observed very closely. A great Sunday with hundreds of photos to look through.

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