Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fotomarathon 2014

The sun was shining and rising temperatures were fortold, so I had no excuse not to participate in this years Photomarathon, though I was playing with the thought of not participating.
I ended up giving myself a pep-talk and left just in time to collect my memory card, starterpack, check the settings of my camera and take a photo of my starting number, before this years themes were anounced.
Morgen in Wien / morning in Vienna -(hm - two years ago it was Saturday morning in Vienna...) predicting tons of coffee photos, I took advantage of an empty street.
Nachdenklich / pensive
am Spielplatz / on the playground - Safety first
Es wird gebaut / construction under way
Fotografie ist Abenteuer / photography is an adventure
Im Burggarten / in Burggarten (Before giving out the themes the organisers explained very clearly where in Vienna Burggarten is......)
Der Golf. Das Auto. / Golf - the car (Porsche sponsors a price...)
Herbstliches Wien /autumnal Vienna
In der Mitte  / in the middle
 Mehr Menschlichkeit für Tiere / more humanity for animals (price sponsored by Vier Pfoten)
Zusammen/gemeinsam / Together (I asked if I could use this photo and they were nice enough to agree)
ICH BIN das ultimative Selfie / I am - the ultimative selfie (I HATE Selfies!)
Eingezäunt / fenced in (hm - two years ago it was Behind a fence)
Gelb / Yellow
Kunst / Art
Wunder der Technik / miracle of mechanics
Wenn ich könnte, wie ich wollte... /If I could as I want...
Abdruck / Impression
Kontakt / Contact
Stein/steinig / stone/stony
oben/unten / above/underneath (boy, I REALLY struggled with this one and this is the one photo I am absolutely disgusted with. But at that time I was so exhausted and hardly able to walk, I just wanted the whole thing to be OVER).
So geht's auch  / That also works
vergessen / forgotten
fertig /done
And yes, I am done! I am exhausted and as the last two times I did this - I do not think, I will do this again (or maybe I will?)

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